Developing a Preventative Maintenance Plan


Developing a Preventive Maintenance Plan can be a daunting task. There is a fair bit of information to gather, sort and report. A step-by-step approach is one way to get started.

Step1. Identify your assets.

Start a list of mechanical components (boilers, fans, pumps etc.) and other common elements (carpet, eavestroughs etc.) that require routine, periodic maintenance.

Step 2. Determine the frequency of maintenance.

How often do you change filters, oil pumps, shampoo hallway carpets or clean eavestroughs? Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

Step 3. Assign the maintenance.

Make a list of contractors (including co-op staff) and assign the service.

Step 4. Create a calendar.
Figure out when certain tasks occur. Filters may get changed monthly, carpets cleaned twice-a-year in June & December, annual fire safety device testing in March.

Interested? An expanded description of this step-by-step approach can be found here