Attitude Perspectives on the Co-op Job


The outlook I bring to my co-op job makes a difference to my effectiveness and my happiness. I don’t have to feel persecuted.

I am more flexible when I remind myself that I don’t have the truth –I have only my version of it.

The dynamic is better when I focus more on a wise response than the other’s behaviour, focusing less on the event than on controlling my response.

My handling of a difficult situation improves with a compassionate understanding of human frailty – they’re as imperfect as I am…OMG! : )

When I expect imperfection from others and myself there are fewer surprises and my response is kinder.

I keep my cool better when I don’t take things personally – it’s never about me, really – I represent the system to many.

Reacting (instead of responding) gives others control over me.

I feel stronger at the end of a difficult day when I remember that conflict comes with the job (it will never be perfect sailing all the time), and I make an effort to remember the appreciation I do get from many members.

Controlling my response is easier when I take the time to recognize the situation and implement a coping strategy.

I am not perfect, but I try to learn lessons to avoid repeating episodes of upset.

I get a much more helpful response when I seek advice and support without complaining.